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TFMC All State Festival

2020 Guidelines

45th Annual TFMC All State Festival

2020 Online Digital Event

How To Register
  • Gather together all necessary information and registration materials.

  • Follow the TFMC All State Festival Guidelines.

  • Upon receipt of emailed instructions, complete the application on Acceptd, an online application tool.

  • Pay the non-refundable application fee per student event by April 5, 2020.

  • Starting May 1st, upload student videos. Finish uploads no later than 10 PM CDT on Saturday, May 16, 2020.

What You Need to Do
  1. Teachers must have an account with Acceptd to submit registrations. If you are submitting multiple registrations, after your first registration you will navigate back to the landing page to start a new application. Please use the same Acceptd account that you used to submit all registrations. The confirmation message you receive upon submission will include this information.

    • STAGE 1: You will need a computer with fast speed internet access and an account at

      • Select ‘I am applying myself’ to get started.

      •  Google Chrome is the preferred internet browser. It is recommended Safari users install the Google Chrome app.​

    • Ensembles (maximum five) will submit as one entry. Large ensembles (5+ members) must use one name and one email address.

    • SAVE ID#'s AS YOU REGISTER ENTRIES. These ID#'s are your keys to student records in Acceptd.

  2. Complete the online registration and upload video(s).

    • STAGE 2: Upload videos

    • Start submitting videos as soon as STAGE 2 opens. Avoid last-minute technical challenges!

    • You will receive an automatic email confirming successful submission of your videos and application.


Registration will occur in two stages through Acceptd’s site supporting TFMC All State Festival. Teachers will receive specific instructions for setting up a free Acceptd account.



Extensive help and support will be available during each stage.

  • Teachers must enter their District/Local Festival district number when registering students.

  • Enter students in the same Event, same Class, and with the same repertoire Title/Composer that they performed at this year’s District/Local/Gold Cup Festival.

  • Only the REQUIRED Piece will be performed for the TFMC All State Festival. This also applies to Hymn and to American Patriotic Folks Song Events. ONLY THE REQUIRED PIECE.

  • Entries cannot be accepted for the following events:  Sight Playing/Singing, Improvisation, Musicianship/Theory, Dance

Registration deadline is Sunday, April 5, 2020 at 10 PM (CDT).  NO EXCEPTIONS. Make no attempt to add entries after April 5th.  Festival admin has little to no flexibility to add overlooked or late entries after the deadline.

Register ONLY the students who are certain to participate. No withdrawals or refunds allowed.


  • Festival participation is open to any Junior NFMC Member who has earned a Superior Rating in an NFMC/TFMC District/Local Festival during the current festival season.

  • All performers must be registered by the teacher who teaches them.

  • Ensemble members having different teachers must register under ONE teacher.

  • Teachers entering students must be a current Senior Member of NFMC/TFMC.

  • Teachers may only enter students whom they personally teach (except for ensembles as mentioned above).

  • At this time, ADULTS who perform in the district/local level festivals are not allowed to enter the All State Festival.


What You Need to Know
  • FEES:

    • Solo $37

    • Concerto $35

    • Ensemble $26 per member

    • Large Ensemble 5+ $125. (Assign a name to each large ensemble at the time of registration)

    • Fees are not refundable.

  • MUSIC SCORES will be provided to adjudicators.

  • MEMORIZATION: Festival Bulletin rules about memorization will apply.

  • ACCOMPANIMENTS: General Bulletin requirements apply with these exceptions.

    • Accompanists for solo or concerto entrants do not receive a plaque or ribbon award, even if they are Junior members.

    • Entrants in the Piano Accompaniment Event must provide their own soloists or ensemble performers.

    • Piano Accompaniment Event entrants do receive an award, but their soloists or ensemble performers do not.

    • Accompaniments for Instrumentalists and Vocalists may be recorded for the performer who is recorded for video upload submission. Verbal cues for entrances are acceptable since accompanists may not be used in live performances due to our nation’s current pandemic situation.

  • ADJUDICATION PROCEDURES: Our judges are well qualified, experienced and highly recommended adjudicators. 

    • Judges will hear students who have been placed in groups of the same event and class by accessing uploaded videos.  They will write comments and give students a score. 

    • At the end of each folder an All State Winner will be selected.

    • The Judges’ decisions are FINAL.

  • RATINGS AND AWARDS: Each performance receives one of the following ratings: Very Good, Excellent, Superior, Outstanding or All State Winner. Each student will receive ONE award for each performance, either a plaque or a ribbon. The only exception is Ensembles of 5+ members that receive ONE award per group. Awards will be mailed to teachers at the conclusion of the digital event.


    • All State Winner Only ONE performance from each group will be chosen as the All State Winner. Simply put, the best performer in a folder group. The winner is chosen from the Outstanding ratings in each folder. Judges may withhold the All State Winner award ONLY if there are no Outstanding ratings in a folder. Only the All State Winner performs in the All State Recital. Receives the All State Winner plaque presented by the current TFMC State President.

    • Outstanding -- Excellent musical and technical performance; all elements (dynamics, style, phrasing, marks of expression, fingering, pedaling, memory, musicality, etc.) present and working together; a clean performance with no mistakes, public performance quality. This rating is NOT merely 2nd place. Any worthy performance can receive this rating. Receives the red, white, and blue rosette ribbon award.

    • Superior -- A good performance with at least one elemental difficulty or a couple of note and/or rhythm errors. Receives a blue ribbon award.

    • Excellent -- Shows accomplishment and good potential, but has several elemental weaknesses or several errors in notes and rhythm. Receives a red ribbon award.

    • Very Good -- Needs help in fundamentals, i.e. rhythm, memory, notes, understanding and preparation. Receives a green ribbon award.

  • MONETARY AWARDS: Monetary awards will be provided each year as funds are available. Click to see eligible events.

    • A Monetary Award event must have a minimum of 3 entrants.

    • Monetary Awards are provided for only ONE All State Winner in each of thelisted events and will be determined by playoffs. PLEASE NOTE: Should an All State Winner NOT be chosen in any event, the monetary award will be withheld.

    • Judges decisions are final.

    • Before funds are released to the winner, NFMC/TFMC memberships of BOTH teachers and students will be verified. If a teacher or winning student is not current on dues payments, funds will be withheld.

    • TFMC monetary award winners will be required to sign a PR release and to submit their social security number and IRS Form W-9 to the TFMC Treasurer (IRS rule).

    • First place winners are not eligible to enter again in the same class.

  • PAYMENT OF FEES: Payments are accepted from teachers only.

    • Upon completion of all student entries, access the Summary and Payment document under the Resources tab on the Acceptd site. Fill out the pdf form in your browser or download the document to work offline. A copy of this form must accompany payment.

    • Accepted payment methods: personal checks, cashiers’ checks, bank checks, money orders, or PayPal. Link to PayPal from the TFMC All State Festival payment link HERE .

    • Individual checks from students/parents are NOT acceptable.

    • Please make sure accurate contact information (name, address and phone number) is printed on the check.

    • Mail ONE check. Payable to: TFMC Festivals


      • P.O. Box 2313

      • Wylie, TX 75098

  • CONTACT:  TFMC All State Festival Chairman, Cathy Neidert:  214.514.1799 cell,

    • Teachers ONLY are welcome to contact the chairman at any time for answers to questions or help with registration. Unfortunately, due to time limitations in event preparation, no other contacts will be answered.

Video Tips
  • Videos must be uploaded using specific file names. This naming convention will be explained when Stage 2 opens.

  • Videos may be recorded on any device.

  • To ensure quality and consistency of the videos among entrants, set up the camera from the judge’s perspective, limit background noise and make sure the performance space is well lit. Test recordings are advisable before recording the final videos.

  • Videos will be submitted on the registration site.

TFMC All State Festival Agreement
  • It is the responsibility of the teacher, students, and parents to abide by all rules and regulations for this festival.

  • All fees are nonrefundable.

  • Judges decisions are final.

  • TFMC All State Festival will not use performance videos for any purpose other than Festival Evaluation without a signed release.

Confirmation Message
  • You will receive confirmation messages when your application and video have been successfully submitted.

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