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For Music Lovers



For the performing musician…

(or the aspiring performer) NFMC provides a stage. Each year local, state and national NFMC-sponsored competitions showcase over 100,000 musicians and composers. Professional and amateur musicians alike benefit from the exposure they get through participation in local music clubs.


For the music enthusiast/hobbyist…

TFMC is the ideal membership organization. Whether enjoying music at a local club function or promoting music through financial support, TFMC lets you express your appreciation for music in your own special way.

Involvement in local TFMC music clubs gives you a chance to make a real difference in your community.

TFMC leadership opportunities abound, and within these opportunities lies the personal recognition and sense of accomplishment that members want and deserve. With leadership comes responsibility. TFMC members understand the vital role music plays in society and welcome the special responsibility of keeping music an important part of the American cultural experience.


TFMC Officers

TFMC Leadership


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