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Junior Composers

NFMC/TFMC  Junior Composers Contest

Texas State Deadline:  January 15th



  • Refer to the JR 7-1 Rules sheet for complete instructions on submissions of materials and payment of fees online. Deadline for a completed registration must be submitted on the National website by the Texas deadline of January 15th.

NOTE: Application forms, payments, PDF files of scores or MP3 files of recordings are no longer accepted via email by the state chair. See the new process for submission below.  

For more information, contact TFMC Junior Composer Contest Chair - Edna Longoria


Using the NFMC online registration portal (,submit 1) a digital copy of the registration form; 2) the composition score in PDF format; and,  3) the MP3 digital file. Also, make payment of fees while at the registration portal on the NFMC website.


Select the file upload link, then select: 

A. Competition & award entrant

B. Jr. Composers Award – the NFMC Composer Contest – Class I,II,III OR IV (note age as of March 1 to determine class)

C. Select state – Texas

D. Upload all required forms and files through this link for the contest entry.


  1. NFMC Application form JR 7-2 for current year only - The current National Registration form JR 7-2 in printable PDF format can be found at ( ) You may download the form, directly type in your information, save to your computer, print, obtain all the signatures and scan as a PDF. The application form must be signed before being submitted in the online registration process.

  2. Composition score in pdf format - Composition scores may be produced and notated via a notation software program or hand notated. Scores must have the title, composer’s name, age as of March 1 and class in the upper right corner of each sheet of the composition. If there are lyrics, the name of the lyricist must appear in the upper left corner. The scores must then be converted or scanned to PDF and submitted in the correct format online at the NFMC registration portal. Remember to keep a personal copy for your records.

  3. MP3 recording - The composition must be digitally recorded in MP3 format only. Label these recordings with the title, composer’s name, age as of March 1, and age class.

  4. Payment of fees – Visit ( ) to pay all fees. Fees for Texas are $20.00 per entry.  


Individual Junior Member Dues: If the teacher is NOT a member of the NFMC/TFMC and the student is entering a composition as an individual junior member, please submit a separate payment to NFMC through their online payment link for $13.00 and select Individual Jr. Memberships as the option. Complete the ME-1-1 form and mail to address indicated. Click here to download Form ME-1-1 for Individual Junior Memberships. 



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Junior Composers


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