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Links to NFMC forms and publications provide access to the National Federation of Music Clubs official web site. Forms and due dates are subject to change after each NFMC annual convention.  Make sure you use the most recent version of the forms you need.

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Due Date    Form #     Form Description

Jan. 15   AR 13-1   National Music Week Essay Contest 

Jan. 15   ST 1-1    Student/Collegiate Auditions Application

Mar. 1    AM 1-1    Parade of American Music 

Mar. 1    ME 5-2    Yearbooks 

Mar. 1              TFMC/Music Therapy Award deadline 

Mar. 1    ST 11-1   Music Therapy Scholarship Application

Mar. 15   AR 14-1   Club Opera Report 

Mar. 15   FI 3-2    Founders’ Day 

Apr. 1    AR 11-1   Sacred Music 

Apr. 1    AR 2-1    Chamber Music 

Apr. 1    AR 3-1    Crusade for Strings 

Apr. 1    AR 3-2    Crusade for Strings - Junior Club

Apr. 1    AR 5-1    International Music 

Apr. 1    AR 7-1    Music in Schools and Colleges 

Apr. 1    AR 8-2    Choral Music Report 

Apr. 1    AR 9-3    Together We Sing 

Apr. 1    JR 17-4   Dance Club Report 

Apr. 1    AR 10-3   Music Outreach - Individual Report

Apr. 1    AR 10-1   Music Outreach Club Report

Apr. 15   AR 6-1    Music in Poetry 

May 1     FI 9-3    Chapter PPA Report 

May 1     PR 3-1    Radio/TV Report 

May 1     PR 4-1    Internet Report Form

May 1     PR 5-1    Newspaper Report Form

May 1     AM 7-2    Folk Music

May 15    AM 2      American Music - NFMC Award

May 15    AM 3      American Music - Education Institution Award

May 15    AM 5      American Music - NFMC Jr. Clubs Award

May 15    AM 6      American Women Composers 

Jun. 1    AR 12-1   National Music Week 

Jun. 1    JR 1-1    Junior Club Rating Sheet 

Jul. 1    ME 7-1    Senior Club Music Club Annual

Jul. 1    ME 7-2    Senior Club Music Teaching Annual

Sep. 1    AM 4      American Music - Summer Award

          AM 1-2    American Music Mayor's Proclamation

          AM 1-2A   American Music Governor's Proclamation

          AR 12-2   National Music Week Mayor's Proclamation

          AR 12-3   National Music Week Governor's Proclamation

          AR 12-8   National Music Week Coloring Page

          FI 11-1   Fund for the Advancement of Musical Arts

          PR 12-1   Magazine Order Form

          ST 1-10   Student/Collegiate Auditions Awards Poster



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