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TFMC Junior Club Membership

TFMC Junior Club Membership


Each TFMC Junior Counselor/Teacher pays junior club membership dues for each student under the age of 19 who is taking music lessons during the year. Each student's membership is required for festival participation eligibility as well as for NFMC/TFMC Junior Division competitions and awards available each year.


$30 junior club dues covers student membership in NFMC/TFMC for up to 16 students. Junior club dues include the $6 cost of the required NFMC magazine, Junior Keynotes, which is used to communicate updates in national programs and events. Each additional student's dues amount is $1.50 (separate item in shopping cart).


Each TFMC Junior Counselor/Teacher must be a member of NFMC/TFMC to be eligible to form a studio junior club. This active membership may be through a federated music club or by paying Senior Individual Member dues (separate item in shopping cart).

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