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Publications include state and national magazines and newsletters distributed to members, as well as forms to be used for reporting purposes. Competition and Award requirements and application forms can be found by going to the Competitions/Awards tab above.

2022 Fall Edition

TFMC Lone Star Musical Messenger

State and District News, Event Coverage, NFMC Updates


TFMC Forms

Forms unique to TFMC and its programs

Competitions and Awards for Collegians

Sample Issue MCM

NFMC Magazines

Music Clubs Magazine, Junior Keynotes, NFMC Interlude Magazine

NFMC Forms

NFMC offers extensive published materials and merchandise to its membership -  most are free to download, but some carry a minimal charge. Both published materials and merchandise items are listed under the related division and program.  Click on the desired division below.

Administrative Division

American Music Division

Arts Division

Competitions & Awards Division

Finance Division

Junior Division

Membership Division

Public Relations

Student/Collegiate Division



Music Publications


If you are unsure of the Division, print out the complete Publication’s List. Some published materials are available on-line for print-out at no charge.

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