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Joining a Senior Club

One of the best ways for adults to become involved in the Texas Federation of Music Clubs is to join a local senior club. By becoming a member, you meet other musicians, music lovers, and music teachers. A senior club can also provide you with an outlet to give back to your community and to improve the musical community for all teachers and musicians through arts advocacy programs. Contact your area's District President for more information.

If you are a teacher who wants to enroll students in TFMC festivals, members of a senior club will gladly help you get going. Some senior clubs have a mix of members including teachers, adult performers, hobbyists and those who simply appreciate music. Other senior clubs are comprised of music teachers whose main focus is on the NFMC/TFMC Federation Festival program.​ To find a senior club near you, contact the TFMC State Junior Counselor or the District President for your area.

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